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‘Big Brother’ contestants are savagely roasted by the notorious Zingbot

On Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother, the notorious Zingbot came into the house to roast each of the houseguests and, weirdly, they were really excited to be criticized.

The roasting began with Mark Jansen, who is on the block for eviction this week following the departure of his showmance partner, Elena Davies. “Mark, I think you might be bisexual because every time you tried to get sexual with Elena, she said ‘Bye’! Zing!!” shouted Zingbot.

Zingbot didn’t hold anything back, even when it came to supposedly sweet Raven Walton. “Poor Raven, you’ve got the clownitard,” said Zingbot. “This is the worst punishment ever. Oh wait, that’s just your face. Zing!!!” While Raven just stood confused, the rest of the houseguests immediately broke into laughter because they knew Zingbot was referring to her heavy makeup. Even Raven’s showmance partner Matthew Clines said that it was a mean remark, before the savage robot turned on him next, saying “Matt, congrats on making it so far in the game. Especially since the only thing you've done is Raven.”

The savagery continued with criticisms like “Josh, you’ve shed so many tears this summer. Too bad you can’t shed any weight”, until finally ending on Christmas Abbott, who broke her foot early in the season and has often voiced her disappointment and sadness about it. “Christmas, you have such a good heart, I can guarantee you will find no coal in your stocking this holiday season. However, you will find ten shattered bones, nine weeks in a cast, eight surgeries, seven more x-rays, six years of rehab, five titanium screws, four hospitals, three pain pills, two crutches, and a guilty rodeo clown. ZING!!!”

One by one, Zingbot dissed the BB19 houseguests but, at the end of the day, it was all just fun and games.