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‘Big Brother’ showmance is taken to the next level, yet broken up at the same time

Sadly, it was déjà vu on Big Brother as Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson were torn apart, again. However, this time, it was Jessica who was evicted and, instead of Cody asking her to be his girlfriend, he dropped the L-word.

It was a sweet and tender moment as the two showmance lovers said goodbye, vibes that were quite the opposite leading up to her eviction. Earlier in the day, it seemed like Cody was ready to get into a fist fight with Josh Martinez as the latter continued to harass the couple. With only a couple days left in the house for Jessica, Cody wanted to defend and protect his girlfriend and Jessica just couldn’t wait to not have to listen to Josh’s voice anymore.

With almost the entire house (with the exception of Cody) now against Jessica, when it came time for her speech at Thursday night’s live eviction, Cody was, unsurprisingly, the only houseguest she had words for. “Cody, everyone says you ruined my game but, in all honesty, you made all of this worth it. So thank you,” she said. And after Jessica exited the house, she received a sweet message from Cody in return. “Jessica, I am honored that you teamed up with me in this game,” he told her. “You essentially gave up $500,000 for me. I love you. I really miss you. I appreciate you and I will repay you.”