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It was a bittersweet ending for fans of ‘The Americans’

It was an emotional finale to The Americans as the Jennings attempted to flee to Russia without their son, Henry. With the FBI hot on their trail, Elizabeth and Philip picked up Paige and were about to hit the road when Stan figured them out and confronted them. With their cover blown, it was up to Philip to talk his best friend into letting them go. First Philip did his best to convince Stan that their friendship was real, then he pleaded with him,

“Now I need to leave…if I can. I have to run away from the place that I have lived for the past…so many years—if I can. If we can. Stan, I have to abandon my son because I got caught. I finally got caught,” Philip said. Stan let them go, but before leaving, Philip left him, and fans, with a huge loose end. “I don’t know how to say this,” Philip said, “I think there’s a chance Renee might be one of us. I’m not sure.” And that the last they spoke of it so Stan and fans will never know if his girlfriend is a Russian spy.

Before leaving, they stopped to call Henry to say goodbye without actually saying goodbye. Philip and Elizabeth each got a chance to tell Henry that they love him, but Paige was too broken up to talk. And as it turned, she didn’t have to say goodbye. They were in a train heading to Canada when, at the last stop, the authorities entered to look for Elizabeth and Philip, who were in disguise, and when the rain took off again, they saw Paige on the platform.

Elizabeth and Philip made it safely back to Russia to start their new life, just the two of them. “Feels strange,” Philip said. Then, in Russian, Elizabeth said, “We’ll get used to it.” And that was the last we saw of Elizabeth and Philip Jennings in what was an amazing finale for an amazing series.

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