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Blow to Face Takes Dancer Out of Competition on 'SYTYCD'

On So You Think You Can Dance two dancers came to literal blows. It wasn't on purpose or anything but it left one of them with a pretty serious injury. On Team Robert, Jennifer Florentino and Taylor Sieve were dancing close to one another on a crowded dance floor. As the two followed the routine they found themselves doing some floor work and Sieve's foot connected with Florentino's eyebrow. Florentino quickly hustled off the dance floor and a medic was called.

Sieve felt terrible saying, "It was an accident. It was so crowded onstage. Unfortunately, we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and hit each other. I feel, like, terrible. I feel so bad."

After Florentino received medical attention she returned to the dance floor where her team captain Robert tried to give her a pep talk to keep going but she said, "I have to go and get stitches at the hospital. If I dance, it's gonna open up more."

There were no hard feelings and Fiorentino said, "That's just how life is. Now I'm gonna get a fierce scar in my brow and I'm gonna be bad-ass."