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Brad Pitt Answers All of Stephen Colbert's Bizarre Questions on 'Late Show'

Brad Pitt dropped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert for a segment called "Big Questions with even Bigger Stars." In the segment, Colbert laid down on a blanket with Pitt as they stared up into the "sky" and waxed philosophical.

When Colbert asked Pitt if he believed in life after death, the Inglorious Basterds actor replied, "I'm not sure. I definitely believe in death after life." The two went back and forth asking and answering each other's questions.

Pitt and Colbert also came up with some pretty fun nicknames for each. Colbert called Pitt, "Bradley Trooper," "Brad to the Bone," and Pitt's favorite "Brad-amir Pitt-in." Pitt also came up with some fun names for the host like, "Steve-amigo," "We ain't leavin' 'til We're Stephen," and "Stevie Colbeazy"

While the names were fun, Pitt pointed out it may not matter because, "In the end, it turns out we were all Edward Norton the whole time."