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Brad Pitt Mocks Donald Trump, Warns Everyone about Climate Change

Brad Pitt stopped by as the weather man for another segment of apocalyptic weather predictions on The Jim Jefferies Show. Weatherman Pitt said, "Well Jim, carbon dioxide is turning our planet into a populated wasteland. And half the population doesn't believe it." His predictions took on a mock religious tone when he elaborated, "The Lord saw the wickedness of man was great, and the Lord said I will destroy man who I have created from the face of the Earth. So don't forget your sunscreen."

Last time Pitt did the weather on The Jim Jefferies Show it was just after Trump pulled out of The Paris Climate Accord, so his prediction was also, shall we say, Pitt-iful?

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Jim Jefferies decided that Pitt needed a talking to so he took a page from the book of Trump and "cleared the room" so he could talk to his weatherman alone. And when he sad PItt down he explained to him that the first rule of climate change is that there is no climate change.

"I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go. To letting climate change go. I need loyalty," said Jeffries. Pitt pulled out his notebook and started taking notes.

And if this exchange sounds at all similar to the recent testimony given by ousted FBI director Jim Comey, then you have to wonder if Weatherman Brad might be out of a job.