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Brad Pitt Reports On Canal Flooding in Venice, Italy, on 'The Jim Jefferies Show'

Weatherman Brad Pitt made another appearance on The Jim Jefferies Show. Weather Brad is known for his grim reports on global warming and this time he did his apocalyptic weather report in the field. On a boat in a canal of Venice, Italy, he said, "Yes, state of emergency here. Complete, utter chaos. The roads are gone. The rising water levels have flooded the streets. Behind me you'll see terrified tourists evacuating the city via what I can only assume is a large ark of some kind."

If you think it's odd that A-List celebrity Brad Pitt is doing the weather on Comedy Central you're not alone. Jim Jefferies explained on Conan that Pitt is a fan of Jim Jefferies' stand up and actually asked him if he could be on the show. Jefferies said, "So we gave him this brown suit and and he said, 'Hey can I take that with me?' And I said, 'now he carries the suit around with him in case he wants to do some field work weather reporting."

And it looks like Weather Brad luckily had his suit on hand for this week's global warming report from Venice, Italy.