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Brazilians support team from outside stadium walls


It's a scene which has become almost commonplace before every game at the Confederations Cup in Brazil.

Ahead of a match between the hosts and Italy, local residents fear renewed conflict between police, and protesters calling for improved public services.

When the tension finally subsides, locals take the opportunity to watch their team arrive at Fonte Nova stadium.

In a favela or shantytown next to the stadium, nobody's missing the game, even if they can't afford tickets.

SOUNDBITE 1 : Jose Gomes, 37, Brazil fan (woman, Portuguese, 11 secs)

"From here you have a view of Fonte Nova stadium, and there's a big screen. So we can see and hear from here, while we enjoy some beer and barbecue, like good Brazilians."

In difficult times, football allows people to get together and forget their daily troubles, at least for the length of the game.

SOUNDBITE 2 : Selma Gomes, 44, Brazil fan getting her nails done (Woman, Portuguese, 26 sec)

"Beyond hosting the Cup here, we want better working conditions, living conditions. That's what we're fighting for, health care. And we're sure that from now on, after the demonstrations, our politicians will change their stance on caring for us, the Brazilian people. But we love our team, we love Brazil. We're here, rooting for this victory."

Another goal for Brazil.

They've been unstoppable since the beginning of this tournament, with a 4-2 win against Italy and a good shot at a spot in the final against Spain.

A victory here would be a dream for the Brazilian world champions, and one which might appease a population in revolt.



- June 19, 2013 in Fortaleza, demonstrations before the Brazil-Mexico game

- June 23, 2013 in Salvador at the Brazil-Italy match (Stadium exterior, police, fans) ITV 1 Jose Gomes, 37, Brazil fan

-Soundbite 1


- Var. shots in the favela and the beauty salon where the fans are watching the game.

- Var. shots in the beauty salon ITV 2 Selma Gomes, 44, Brazil fan getting a manicure

- Soundbite 2


- Var. shots of fans celebrating after Brazil scores a goal

- Stadium at dusk

- Brazilian flag in the window of a house in the favela