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Two 'Bachelorette' contestants rushed to hospital for broken face and broken wrist

It was a night of blood, sweat, and tears on The Bachelorette as two of Becca’s suitors were carted off in an ambulance in two different mishaps. First we saw David covered in blood being taken out of the house on a stretcher. When host Chris Harrison told Becca about it, she thought it was because one of the other contestants did something. But as it turned out, David, whom you might remember showed up the first episode in a chicken outfit, broke his beak himself.

“Busted nose, busted face,” Harrison told Becca. “Oh, my God. Who did that?” Becca asked. And Harrison answered in the most Chris Harrison way possible, saying, “Um... He fell out of bed… And landed on his face.”

The broken body parts didn’t stop with David’s nose and face. Free agent NFL tight end Clay Harbor broke his wrist on the last play of a football game between the contestants. Clay knew immediately it was broken, saying that he heard a pop. Upon returning from the hospital, he had some bad news for Becca: He needed to have surgery on his wrist and would have to leave the show.

Though Clay’s injury was season-ending, at least for The Bachelorette, we’ll get to see David’s broken face next week, and if what Jordan had to say in the preview was any indication, it will not be pretty.

“David comes back, and he looked 10 times worse than I thought he was going to look,” Jordan said, later adding, “The chicken crossed the road and got hit by a bus.”