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Bruno Mars Returns to Where He Slept When He Was Homeless

It’s hard to believe that Grammy award-winning artist, Bruno Mars, who is reportedly worth $90 million, was once homeless. The singer opened up about his tough upbringing on Sunday’s episode of 60 Minutes.

With correspondent Lara Logan, Mars revisited one of the spots where he lived with his family for over two years, noting that even people he works with have never heard this part of his story. “Where we were staying at first, didn’t have a bathroom. So we’d have to walk across the park to this other spot that had a bathroom,” said Mars, adding that sometimes it was “in the middle of the night.”

Even though it wasn’t the best living situation, Mars shared that, at the time, it wasn’t about the struggle or the things he didn’t have. He had it all because he had his family and, looking back, he remembers it as being amazing, just the way it was.