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Buzz Aldrin items up for auction, Tesla gets own lane at U.S.-Mexico border, Disney+ adds R-rated movies

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Yahoo Finance anchors discuss three other business stories, including Buzz Aldrin auctioning off his moon landing jacket, Tesla getting its own lane at the Mexican border, and Disney adding R-rated movies to its streaming service.

Video Transcript


BRAD SMITH: Welcome back to Yahoo Finance Live, everyone. It is time for "Cut for Time," three stories, one minute a pop. We'll start with this. One small step for man, one giant leap for the auctioning world. Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, is selling items from the historic Apollo 11 mission. Some of the objects being offered include Aldrin's space jacket that is accepted-- or expected, excuse me-- to sell for over $1 million here. That's kind of low, isn't it? I mean--

BRIAN SOZZI: Pretty low.

BRAD SMITH: --I thought it would be valued higher.

JULIE HYMAN: Why is this stuff not in a museum somewhere?

BRAD SMITH: It should be.

JULIE HYMAN: Why is Buzz Aldrin-- I mean--

BRAD SMITH: Smithsonian maybe.

JULIE HYMAN: And I don't know what he's going to do with the proceeds of this if he's going to donate it, if he's going to collect it for himself. But it seems like that this should be--

BRAD SMITH: In the Air and Space Museum.

JULIE HYMAN: Right? Yeah, exactly.

BRIAN SOZZI: This is gonna be morbid, but wouldn't you want to be buried in that? I mean, like, that's who-- legend.

JULIE HYMAN: No? I don't know.


BRIAN SOZZI: I don't know. Take it to the grave.

BRAD SMITH: It's worth so much more. We-- but we've seen recently as well Michael Jordan, he had auctioned off one of his jerseys, his finals jerseys. That one was expected to go for a couple of million dollars. However--

JULIE HYMAN: One of the jerseys.

BRAD SMITH: --the proceeds were going differently--

JULIE HYMAN: There's only one of these things.


BRAD SMITH: But there's only one of those.

JULIE HYMAN: You can only wear one jacket to the moon.


BRAD SMITH: Exactly, exactly, so. It should be in a museum.

BRIAN SOZZI: You've heard of the carpool lane. Well, now there will be a Tesla lane. The EV maker has struck a deal with the state of Nuevo Leon-- I think I got that right-- to have its own lane at the US-Mexico border. Oh, good. Look for Tesla. Tesla, very special drivers there, special car. They're in a class of their own. Maybe they should have their own lane. Give it to them.

JULIE HYMAN: Wait, but it's not-- is it for Tesla vehicles, or is it for the corporation shipping things back and forth across the border? I don't know the answer to that.

BRIAN SOZZI: I don't have the answer.

JULIE HYMAN: Is it just for, like, people who happened to be driving Teslas?

BRIAN SOZZI: I thought it was the Tesla car lane.

BRAD SMITH: Like a HOV lane, just for Teslas, though.


BRAD SMITH: It's just for the cars, we're hearing. OK.

JULIE HYMAN: But why, though?

BRIAN SOZZI: Well, I mean, you're a special person if you have a Tesla.

BRAD SMITH: So you don't get stuck in the line, I guess--

BRIAN SOZZI: You deserve special status.

BRAD SMITH: --coming through if you're on a low charge.

JULIE HYMAN: I don't understand.

BRIAN SOZZI: Yeah, you deserve, like, the best.

BRAD SMITH: This is a make-up call, right?

BRIAN SOZZI: Why should Tesla have to wait in line somewhere?

BRAD SMITH: Because the White House wasn't giving them.

JULIE HYMAN: This doesn't make any sense to me.

BRIAN SOZZI: Yeah, I don't know.

BRAD SMITH: Yeah, just for the line back-up and if your battery is on a low charge.

JULIE HYMAN: Is it so they're afraid of you, but why not other EVs?

BRIAN SOZZI: This is a challenging "Cut for Time."

JULIE HYMAN: Why just Teslas and not other EVs?

BRIAN SOZZI: I don't know. Unclear.


JULIE HYMAN: I need more investigation on this. All right, and Disney+ is adding its first ever R-rated movies to its streaming service for its US app. Ryan Reynolds's "Deadpool" and "Deadpool 2," along with "Logan," starring Hugh Jackman, have all been added to the app. So people who got this for little kids, maybe you want to check out the parental controls here and figure out if you need to reset them.

BRIAN SOZZI: Wasn't Ryan Reynolds in that new "Pooh" movie?

BRAD SMITH: Oh, Pooh Purge?


BRAD SMITH: As we're calling it here.

JULIE HYMAN: You've just been looking for the due date, too.

BRIAN SOZZI: At least, that trailer isn't scary.

JULIE HYMAN: For those of you out there who have not seen this, there is a very dark horror adaptation of "Winnie the Pooh," now that the--

BRIAN SOZZI: Christopher Robin leaves. There's no food!

JULIE HYMAN: --now that the intellectual property has come up for public domain.

BRIAN SOZZI: Nothing is safe anymore.

JULIE HYMAN: Unfortunately, there's a very unfortunate "Pooh" adaptation. But anyway-- but Disney+, you know, it's interesting because initially, they were sort of segregating the more adult content to Hulu. And now it looks like that they're just going to put some of it, at least, on Disney+.

BRAD SMITH: Right, a lot of the content that they had acquired through the 21st Century Fox acquisition, that content had been living on Hulu. They had kind of kept it there for a long period of time, but now making its way over to Disney+. You've got to wonder--


--for the entirety of the catalog that they have to this point in time, if you see more of that overlap start to take place.

JULIE HYMAN: Yeah, I would imagine there would have to be.