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Chances of a recession 'have not yet reached 50%' amid trade war uncertainties

Atsi Sheth, Managing Director of Moody’s Investors Service, tells Yahoo Finance that the chance of a recession has not reached 50% just yet. In order for that to happen she says, "the trade war has to escalate even beyond what the market expects and the market reaction to that escalation has to be even more severe." Meanwhile, Keith Fitz-Gerald, Money Map Press Chief Investment Strategist, believes a possibility of a recession looms on the "uncertainty in the election, and not necessarily traditional uncertainty in the political sense of the word, but uncertainty amongst the consumers because that's where the strong numbers are coming from at the moment." They both join Yahoo Finance's Brian Sozzi and Jared Blikre around Thursday's opening bell to discuss that, the strong U.S. dollar and an outlook for the Fed's Jackson Hole Symposium.