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Chipotle to give away $200,000 in cryptocurrency

Yahoo Finance's Brian Cheung explains Chipotle's new 'buy the dip' game that is giving away $200,000 in cryptocurrency.

Video Transcript

BRIAN CHEUNG: Before we go to break, I want to check out this trending story. Chipotle buying the dip-- well, sort of. A new game from Chipotle called Buy the Dip will give away $200,000 in cryptocurrency and, apparently, promo codes also for $0.01 guacamole and queso blanco. That's going to take place Monday, July 1, though-- 31st, rather, which is Avocado Day. So you're gonna have to wait for that.

AKIKO FUJITA: Every day should be Avocado Day.

BRIAN CHEUNG: Yeah, every day is Avocado Day, by the way.