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Chipotle launches cauliflower rice nationwide

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous and Alexandra Canal discuss Chipotle's new healthy menu options.

Video Transcript


ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: If cutting down on carbs is one of your resolutions in the new year, Chipotle has a new menu item just for you. Time now for "All the Eats" with AlIie, Alexandra Canal joining us. Allie, what is the skinny on this new cauliflower rice?

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Right. So Chipotle is here to save all of us who swore that they were going to lose that quarantine 15 and 2021, including myself. They released their new cauliflower rice yesterday. I have some with me right now. I'm very curious to try this.

Although, a little backstory here-- I got this. I mean, I pretty much destroyed this burrito bowl trying to find the rice. I thought that they completely forgot to put it in my order. Because if you can see, you can't really see it.

And I realize it's because the cauliflower rice, it almost looks like a grain. I picked apart some of it here. It's pretty grainy, thicker pieces, a lot of seasoning involved. So I first want to try this without any other ingredients, just the cauliflower rice, to see how it is. And then I want to see how it tastes within the actual burrito bowl.

Because one of my main concerns here is that this is not going to be a good consistency. I've worked with cauliflower rice before. I've tried to make a cauliflower pizza. It's usually pretty mushy, a lot of moisture. So let's put it to the test.

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: All right. While you do that, I actually did a little reading up on this. One-third of new menu requests from customers was for cauliflower rice. I kind of find that hard to [INAUDIBLE]--

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Right. And that's just because this is a big health boom. This is a big trend right now. We're seeing it with Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts. They released new vegetarian, plant-based menus for the new year.

Tasting this, it's a little mushy. There's a lot of flavor. I think-- let's see how it tastes in the burrito bowl. The funny thing is I can't really taste it in the burrito bowl. And it is worth two extra dollars.

I think with rice-- and a burrito bowl already has so many flavors. And the rice really just adds the consistency level. So I don't think this cauliflower rice is meeting that point that the white rice usually does. So for that reason, I don't know if I would go with this. I'm going to give that a six.

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: All right. And you know what? For the extra two bucks, I don't know if I would either. But thanks a lot for taste-testing it for us.

Allie Canal, appreciate it, as always.