Chris Appleton shares his favorite quarantine hair obsessions

Celebrity Hair stylist Chris Appleton shares his favorite quarantine hair obsessions.

Video Transcript

CHRIS APPLETON: Hey, everyone. It's Chris Appleton, and I'm going to tell you what I've been obsessed with during quarantine.


So number one of my favorite goes to Blax elastics. The ponytail, like a snatched ponytail, is kind of what I've become known for. What I love about these Blax elastics is it really holds the hair and it doesn't snap. There's nothing worse than a saggy pony or something that doesn't grip. And even worse than that is when the elastic snaps.

JLo for the People's Choice Awards, she just had the half up, half down. You know, I love a good snatch. I use the Blax elastics, prepped it with the Dream Coat to give it that nice shine. So for me, they're kind of just an essential snag-free hair elastic.

One of my next favorites-- you guys know I love this product. This is the Color Wow Dream Coat. It gives you an amazing kind of finish to hair. So you put it on wet hair, saturate it, blow dry into the hair. I posted a picture of Kim the other day. She just had like a light brown hair blown out, and it did so well. So for me, that's kind of an essential part of any prep that I do for hair.

So I love the Leandro Limited Velcro rollers. Trends right now are, like, [INAUDIBLE] volume and having bounce in the hair. So I've prepped the hair first with the Dream Coat, which is my other favorite, dry it in, and then wet the Velcro rollers in. And you get great bounce and sexy-looking hair.


If you've got, like, the JLo bangs, you just put it in going backwards, and it gives you that kind of like-- you know, those [INAUDIBLE] banks, which are really popular right now, as well.

Mason and Pearson is classic. There's a lot of fakes at this, where they just do the one-sized bristle. This one has two-- natural bristle and it has the plastic bristle, which is longer. It's great to push out waves because it kind of flips the hair up. If you're doing a pony tail, it snatches it at the sides. It's just a really nice brush. It's always been in my kit. This is kind of my go-to.

One of my top favorite things is this. There are great. They're full of folic acid. They keep my hair super strong. They're like these little heart candy things. A lot of people underestimate how important it is to take these kind of vitamins for healthy, strong hair. And my philosophy is always like, you hair's never going to look as good as it can do if it's not naturally in great condition. So for me, this is an essential part of just keeping your hair strong. And it taste great, as well.

Thank you so much for watching my quarantine obsessions for "New in the Q." I'll see you next time.