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Big box retailer locations with gas stations tend to have more traffic

Yahoo Finance's Brooke DiPalma dives into membership warehouse-land to look at some of the ways the big three big box retailers -- Costco, BJ's and Sam's Club -- separate themselves from the pack.

Video Transcript



AKIKO FUJITA: Well, Costco may be Yahoo Finance's 2022 Company of the Year, but its smaller retail rivals, like Sam's Club and BJ's Wholesale Club, are giving the wholesale giant and some customers something to think about. Brooke DiPalma checked out all three and is here to share what she found. Brooke, are we talking about pricing, or is it more about the membership?

BROOKE DIPALMA: Well, Akiko, it's really about the feel overall. And surprisingly, when I entered each three, there was a bit of a different feel at each. Now, when you walk in here, similar high ceilings, bulk item offerings, but it's a different approach at each of the three. BJ's and Sam's Club really touting that holiday feel with toys lined to my right. Then you have more random, spontaneous items like air fryers and cots to my left. But Costco sticking to what it always has with that luxury feel as soon as you walk in.

Now, admittedly, I did not have a membership at any of the three, but they still did let me walk around. And if you take a look at pricing, Akiko, that is one of the main differences that I found. Of course, Costco known for that $60 per year membership, also offering a higher executive membership for $120 with a 2% annual reward, as well as, in addition to that, a services discount. Of course, a lot of them have optometry, hearing aid centers, and the tire services centers.

Sam's Club, that's about $50 for the main reward. Gold star membership, 110. And BJ's coming in between the two, $50 for a-- $55 for main, as well as a perk rewards membership that equates to 110.

Now, it's important to note here, this past year, as inflation takes a toll, and they're seeing higher volume in each of them, Sam's Club took protocol to then raise their price in August. And Costco, important to note here, they increase price memberships about every five years. So we might be expecting another price membership hike in 2023.

Now, all three tout gas stations at their locations. Costco has the most locations, then followed by Sam's Club and BJ's. So Costco, of course, our company of the year here, with the most locations of all three wholesale retailers.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: And I know that certainly helps with the pinch of the higher gas prices for a lot of people. Brooke DiPalma, thank you so much.