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Conan O'Brien Trains to be 'Wonder Woman' With Gal Gadot

Conan O'Brien joined Israeli actor, Gal Gadot in a warehouse to learn how to be a superhero. The star of Wonder Woman trained for six months so she could accurately portray the famous heroine. Conan only had 35 minutes so they had to get busy.

Conan asked for Gadot's honest opinion on his body and she quickly assessed that his legs were weak. Her trainer agreed so they started with some kicks but that quickly devolved into a can-can style dance with Gadot singing the Israeli folk song, "Hava Nagila."

While Gadot added her Israeli flair, Conan brought his own culture to the table when he threw down the boxing dummy, stomped on his head and said, "This how we do it in Boston!"

Once Conan started rocking the Wonder Woman gold head band and bullet blocking arm bands, things got creative. As Conan blocked imaginary bullets, they quickly turned into real live CGI'd bullets!

And after a fight with Gadot that put Conan on the floor, he decided the Wonder Woman costume wasn't working so he donned his own CoCo superhero costume and began the last portion of his training. Since Wonder Woman is an expert horse rider, he needed to ride a horse, but without any horses around he used the next best thing - a mechanical bull.