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Conor McGregor’s violent attack sets off commenters

“I think we’ve found McGregor’s most formidable opponent … himself.” “Seems he got lots of press, mission accomplished.” Commenters are not impressed by UFC fighter Conor McGregor’s latest headline-making stunt.

On Thursday, the MMA star found himself in some serious hot water after attacking a bus full of fellow UFC fighters. McGregor, along with about 20 of his friends, were seen throwing objects at the bus. One fighter was cut by broken glass. McGregor turned himself in to police and was charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief.

Could this be the end of McGregor’s controversial career? Don’t be surprised if it is, writes Yahoo Sports expert Kevin Iole in a post generating thousands of reactions.

Some Newsroom readers think the incident was staged by an attention-seeking McGregor. Others feel the flamboyant fighter has crossed a line: “Conor will be liable. Being stripped will be a secondary issue now.”

McGregor tweeted his own fighting words: “You’ll strip me of nothing.” He’s had a history of out-of-control behavior, but is this the final straw?

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