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Conservatives cry 'conspiracy' over Russian bot Twitter purge

While FBI Director Robert Mueller continues to look into Russian meddling in the United States 2016 election, Twitter has taken steps to avoid further propaganda being spread on their social media site. This week, the site began purging accounts they suspected were Russian bot accounts being used to spread political propaganda.

While many praised Twitter for taking action against Russian meddling, the purge, being called #TwitterLockOut, had an unexpected side effect: the lockout seemed to only affect conservative users.

Several right-winged Twitter users voiced their concerns about the purge claiming the social site was “attacking” and “censoring” their accounts.

From the liberal side of Twitter, the response was mixed. Some were thrilled the social media site is taking action against Russian meddling.

Others found #TwitterLockOut more entertaining, particularly the conservative uproar in lost followers. They mocked the right side.

Twitter has not responded to the controversy they created.