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New Coors Light commercial features NFL star Patrick Mahomes without actual beer

Yahoo Finance Live checks out Coors Light's latest commercial featuring quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the NFL rules on endorsing alcohol products.

Video Transcript


- This summer, we tapped star quarterback Patrick Mahomes to be in a promo for Coors Light. It turns out, we overlooked the fact that he can't actually promote Coors Light.

- It's a flashlight.

- That's right. It's a flashlight, not a beer.

DAVE BRIGGS: So Patrick Mahomes, NFL players, can't actually do ads that advertise for liquor or beer companies. So they found a creative way in sports marketing to get around the NFL restrictions, the clever Coors Light. To my knowledge, you cannot buy the actual Coors Light flashlight. But Seana, what's weird here is the NFL allows these teams to have official sponsors that are beers, that are liquors, and yet, they don't allow players to actually be in the ads, which is kind of strange, isn't it? I mean, just--

SEANA SMITH: It is strange. And it sounds like a rule that maybe needs to be updated, especially if you take into account the fact that they can't just appear in the ads doesn't really make sense to me.

DAVE BRIGGS: The players are actually featured in beer ads. And they get paid by the beer companies for those ads. They just can't actually talk about it in such a manner. It seems like a little bit of an outdated policy by the league.


DAVE BRIGGS: But brilliant ad.

SEANA SMITH: Very outdated. I was going to say, it is such a clever ad because we certainly are all talking about it. It's all over social media. It was a very, very smart play by Coors Light. And they got us all talking about it. So I don't know. Rachelle, what do you think?

RACHELLE AKUFFO: But you have to wonder if they're going to get in trouble, especially since they aren't actually selling the flashlights. It's kind of hard to argue that he's not actually promoting the beer. But look, it's creative. It's fun. As you mentioned, we're all talking about it. I think it's actually a really cute idea. I wouldn't mind if it was like a cute bottle of wine that doubled as a flashlight. [INAUDIBLE]

DAVE BRIGGS: They'd probably sell out of that Coors flashlight in about 15 minutes. They would put it on their website. But I'm also-- there's a lot of conflicts that are arising right now, in particular with sports gambling companies. How are they going to allow players to endorse those? Down the road, cannabis. There's a lot of questions that the league probably needs to get ahead of, instead of being behind, which they are right now.

SEANA SMITH: Yeah, it would be interesting to see whether or not because they haven't responded to this ad yet, have they?


SEANA SMITH: The NFL? Not yet. Yeah, so it'd be interesting to see if they do [INAUDIBLE]

DAVE BRIGGS: But the league's brightest star? I think they're going to take a pass on that.

SEANA SMITH: Yeah, I have to agree with you on that. But I don't know-- can't anything out these days.