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Corden responds to Twitter backlash over Sean Spicer kiss at the Emmy’s

James Corden woke up to a Twitter hangover after he had maybe just a little too much fun at the Emmy’s kissing former White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer. The picture made the internet rounds and the fan backlash was pretty quick with one person tweeting, “The only reason James Corden should be kissing Sean Spicer is if he borrowed that lipstick from Cersei Lannister.”

Corden joked, “I know you think that is a picture of me kissing Sean spicer. But in the spirit of Sean spicer, no, it isn't.”

Corden certainly wasn’t the only one taking heat with many people upset about Sean Spicer appearing in Stephen Colbert’s opening monologue, as one person said, “Thanks for helping professional liar Sean Spicer rebrand himself as fun,”

And Coden had kept up with the Twitter wrath, saying, “I have been reading a lot of harsh comments on Twitter today and I hear you loud and clear, truly I do. So much so I'm really starting to regret that carpool karaoke that we've taped with Steve Bannon.”