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Coronavirus Latest: Thursday, October 15

As cases in daily, new cases in Europe surpass the United States, which reached its highest daily count since August, investors and health officials struggle with information on the vaccine front. Yahoo Finance’s Anjalee Khemlani joins The Final Round to discuss the latest on the coronavirus.

Video Transcript

- Pandemic in focus. Big names diagnosed, just that we found out about in the last 24 hours. We've got Alabama's football coach, the athletic director there, a member of Kamala Harris's staff. The cases are continuing to increase in this country, and in Europe. A lot of focus on Europe. I want to bring in Anjalee Khemlani right now for the very latest on the coronavirus. Anjalee.

ANJALEE KHEMLANI: Thanks, Jen. And also not to forget Barron Trump. We are hearing a lot more about these cases across the country. Where it stands right now, more than 38.5 million across the globe, with more than a million deaths, which is a mark that we crossed just a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, looking at the US, largely, with the nearly 8 million now, it's still focused in subsets of the population. So we know that right now the largest states, the most densely populated states, including California, Texas, and Florida, top the charts when it comes to total numbers.

Across the board, we're seeing rises in 44 out of 50 states for seven-day rolling averages, as well as in the Mountain area. We're talking about Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Idaho. All of those-- Utah as well-- seeing sustained increases, still from what is actually the first wave.

So we're seeing this dual thing happening where it's the second wave in some parts. Here in the Northeast, we've seen an increase in the New York, New Jersey area. And so that's part of the second wave that of course, was expected to hit around the same time as flu season. So really a very complex situation unfolding here in the US right now.

And it's really important to note that, while we're already seeing some reversals and some changes in terms of restrictions, the broader question-- and this applies to Europe as well-- is what the expectation is going to be for lockdown. We've heard recently from the World Health Organization some questions about what the messaging is there. An advisor saying something to the equivalent of the World Health Organization does not support lockdowns.

And that is true we've heard Director General Dr. Tedros talk about it repeatedly since March, really saying that lockdowns don't help. They're not helpful for different societies, as well as for the economy.

And it's really important to remember that, because on one side you have that play of lockdowns. On the other hand, you have the argument of herd immunity, and whether or not that is something that's realistic.

And we're hearing from Dr. Fauci speaking to Yahoo! News today saying that that is in fact unrealistic, and you would end up really killing more people if you were to pursue the idea of herd immunity. And that's something that's been controversial, and unfortunately coming from the Trump administration for some time now. And many health experts have, in fact, been deflecting that.

So something definitely to keep an eye on when it comes to all of the things that will be unfolding in the coming months.