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Coronavirus Latest: Wednesday, September 16

On Wednesday, the CDC released a plan which would enable the U.S. to provide and distribute a coronavirus vaccine to all Americans for free. The U.S. government and Congress agreed to subsidize the plan, and announced that it would be ready to distribute vaccines within 24 hours of having FDA approval. Yahoo Finance’s Anjalee Khemlani joins The Final Round to discuss the latest on the coronavirus.

Video Transcript

- Welcome back to "The Final Round." The Trump administration unveiling its plan to distribute a groan of our expected vaccine as quickly as possible, and also its goal that no one will have to pay out of pocket for a vaccine. Anjalee Khemlani joins us now with the latest on this. Anjalee?

ANJALEE KHEMLANI: Thanks, Seana. As you've laid out, the news of the day is that we are hearing from the Trump administration, both with a playbook for how vaccines will be distributed throughout the nation, as well as state by state, and community by community, with a focus on some of the minority communities as well as tribal nations. So a really robust sort of really lay out that we got finally today, to look at where exactly we'll go.

We know we heard from the administration on Operation Warp Speed over time that they're going to be really focused on a priority when we first get that approval. And where that approval comes in is still up in the air, though we have heard from some companies that late October is the earliest they'll get an efficacy indication, and be able to then apply for that emergency use authorization.

It looks more likely that that is going to happen based on many reports today, as well as an update from Operation Warp Speed itself, talking about how there will be distribution through McKesson, as we've come to understand, as well as through the DOD involvement. And that really is a widespread already existing relationship with the CDC.

McKesson already distributes somewhere in the ballpark of 80 million doses of vaccines per year. And that contract can scale up to 900 million, if needed. Some other things to consider really are age as well, as the fact that many of these vaccines are two dose vaccine. So really looking at how to make sure that any individual getting the vaccine if one company follows up with that booster of the exact same company.

Because a lot more really is unknown. And when will this all happen, right? So this document looks on January 2021 as widespread rollout. We've heard from other officials that April 2021 is when a widespread use will be in place. But others have said that it could take a little bit longer. It could take well into mid-2021 or later even before life returns to normal. Seana?

- Yeah, the timeline for that seems to still be all over the place.