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Cosplay parents truly define relationship goals

Steven and Millie Tani are in their 60s, and they’re having a blast with a hobby turned passion. The couple, who have been married for 27 years and are retired, discovered a joy for cosplay (a combo of the words "costume" and "play”) three years ago. At the time, they needed costumes for a Halloween party, so they decided to go as characters from the Pixar film Up, and the results were perfection.

The Tanis, who live in Southern California, travel around the state attending various events and conventions dressed as their favorite characters. Their costumes have included tributes to Toy Story, Mary Poppins, and Captain America. It was their Captain America look that launched them to social media fame. Steven told NBC News, “We’re normal people like everyone else. We’re just having fun.”

The couple says it takes them up to two months to make their costumes. Millie does the sewing, and they get additional items online or at thrift shops. Cosplay has gotten the shy pair lots of attention, and it has even helped them make new friends. “We don't want to sit around in rocking chairs, as we want to enjoy our golden years and live life to the fullest.”