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Crocodile Hunter's Son Brings Jimmy Fallon His Spirit Animal on 'The Tonight Show'

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Robert Irwin stopped by, bringing with him a treasure trove of baby animals including a honey badger, a joey kangaroo and three adorable warthogs. But when Jimmy was handed Donatella, a two-year-old alligator snapping turtle, he was told by Irwin, "Make sure you don't get anywhere near his mouth because he's got quite a bite on him."

The son of the late famous Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin has always been a fan-favorite of Tonight Show lovers and it's always enjoyable to watch Fallon freak out at the animals. And Fallon did just that when little Donatella started to extend his head out of his shell. And although you certainly wouldn't want to put your finger anywhere near Donatella's mouth, Irwin had another animal that could make a meal out of your whole hand.

When Irwin brought out Sheldon, the 100-year-old version of an alligator snapping turtle, Jimmy realized that little Donatella was definitely not that scary.

Robert Irwin also explained that every year a team of scientists from the Australia Zoo and his family go to the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, which is a reserve about the size of New York City. They invite people to go on an expedition to research different animals. That have the most comprehensive study of crocodiles in the entire world with techniques that Steve Irwin started.