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Cupcake Cutie's Perfect Mother's Day Gift on 'Chopped Junior'

10-year-old Chopped Junior contestant Busem Zencirli of Atlanta, Georgia brought her savvy business skills to the kitchen. An entrepreneur herself, Zencirli has an online cupcake business called "Sweet Diva Cupcakes." A self-described "diva," Zencirli is proud to be the boss of her small business and she was all business in the kitchen. When she accidentally cut herself and a medic was called in she said, "I need the medic to hurry up 'cause I need to get food on my plates."

But perhaps in anticipation of Mother's Day, when asked why it would be meaningful to win Chopped Junior, she said she wanted to give back to her mom, "because she's a single mom and doesn't really get that much help."

In the end, Zencirli's cooking was so impressive that she did get that Mother's Day gift of ten thousand dollars. But hey, cupcakes don't grow on trees. When asked if she would give all of the money to her mom she said, "Half of it."