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Dad hilariously uses Philly cheesesteaks to measure his son

Brad Williams started a funny “tradition” that also happens to be pretty tasty. When his son Lucas was born in 2015, Williams decided to take a picture of him next to a Philly cheesesteak sandwich, to measure his growth. The hilarious photo turned into a monthly tradition.

Williams called his system of measuring Lucas the “Cheesesteak for Scale.” On his blog, Strange Work, the new dad shared the cute photos. He kept it up for a year! Williams told People, “On his first birthday we let him try some bites from a cheesesteak and he actually seemed to enjoy it!”

That quickly changed. Lucas grew to dislike the sandwiches. For his second birthday, he refused to pose with the cheesesteak. Still, Williams remains hopeful. His goal is to continue the tradition, once a year, on Lucas’s birthday.