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Daddy Drama Builds on 'Nashville' as Damien Confesses His Love For Scarlett

There was daddy drama on Nashville as Damien George came back into Scarlett O'Connor's life. When the music director arrived from Romania he met Scarlett for dinner and learned that he is the father of her unborn baby.

Unfortunately you only get one opportunity to having a first reaction to big news, and Damien's reaction was poor. First he questioned the legitimacy of him being the father, saying it was "impossible." Then he asked Scarlett one of the worst questions a partner in this situation can ask, "You've decided to keep it?"

Damien's overall response was not what Scarlett was hoping for. Damien offered to provide financial support or "whatever" Scarlett needed, but that came off as obligatory rather than genuine. So Scarlett left the new father to dine by himself and consider what he'd done.

Later, Damien showed up at Scarlett's house, much like Gunnar had done in last week's episode, and told the musician he loved her. Scarlett told him "You know it's not true." And the confused director replied, "It might be true? I want it to be true."