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'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Sees Prison Consultant Before Starting Sentence

In a Dance Moms: Abby Tells All Exclusive, Abby Lee Miller was just days away from serving a prison sentence of one year and one day for bankruptcy fraud. While the Dance Moms reality star maintained that she disclosed all of her financial actions to the court (and that she was not a bad person) she was still found guilty. So Miller went to see Jennifer Myers, a prison consultant, to help her with her more khaki colored future.

One of Miller's biggest fears was the thought of arriving and finding out that they wouldn't find any prison clothes that would fit her. Myers assuaged her fears and moved on to more pressing issues -- the strip search.

"So that's the first thing that's gonna happen," Myers said, "is that you're gonna have to bend down and cough. And if you get a visit, when the visitor leaves, every time, you're strip-searched. So just so you know."

The prison consultant went on to tell Miller to keep a low profile but it might not be the easiest advice for this volatile reality star to follow. "Just blend in, follow the rules, keep your volatility at a low level. Because if not, you'll be in longer," she said. Miller replied "I'm never gonna get out. I'm gonna be there forever."