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David Letterman brings Seth Meyers the most bizarre gift during return to 'Late Night'

David Letterman returned to his old stomping grounds on Late Night Wednesday, where he brought the weirdest little gift for Seth Meyers"Anybody here ever had Lyme disease?" is probably not the best way to preface a gift, but it was funny nonetheless.

Letterman stated that he decided to bring this particular gift for Meyers to promote epidemiological health and awareness. "The Lyme disease, the ticks are everywhere. I've had Lyme disease," Letterman shared with Meyers, who jokingly responded, "You look like a guy who would have it." Letterman pulled out of his jacket pocket a ziploc bag, which contained a tiny, live, tick. Letterman also revealed that the "tenacious little bastard" was on his back "at least overnight," and that since the tick was still alive after being sealed in a ziploc bag for two days, he should "get a little money from the ziploc people."

However, when Meyers asked Letterman if he was going to have the tick tested, Letterman had another idea. "No, I'm not going to have him tested. He's yours! You have him tested! You're the man with the show!"