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David Rubenstein: Here's the quality that leaders around the world share

Private equity billionaire David Rubenstein explains the importance of being passionate about one's vocation.

Video Transcript

DAVID RUBENSTEIN: You know, recently, I did a book on leadership, and a one that one of the qualities I noticed in leaders around the world was that they had a passion for what they are doing. If you hate what you're doing, you're never going to be great at it. And so I tell young people all the time, [INAUDIBLE] when I make a commencement speech or speak to students, find your passion.

And if your passion is something that your parents didn't want, that's fine, but you can't live your parents' life. You have to live your life. And what you have to do is find something you're passion about. If you're passion about it, you'll be really successful at it.

I didn't really like some of the things I did before I started Carlyle. I wasn't a great lawyer. I didn't like it. And it was obvious to my clients I wasn't a great lawyer. Now I have something I'm passionate about. I'm fortunate my daughter has found something she's passionate about.