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'Deadliest Catch' Boat Brings in Record Full Crab Pots

Retiring Deadliest Catch captain Johnathan Hillstrand and the crew aboard the Time Bandit took a chance fishing near the Russian coast, 620 miles from the safety of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. The boat was rewarded for it's gamble when it landed pot after pot, jam packed with crab.

The first pot on the string had a whopping 440 opilio crab inside. Considering each crab weighs around 3 pounds and fetches about $10 a pound, the boat is looking at over $13,000 gross.

As the boat kept bringing up pots, they were only getting more full. In no time the boat was hauling in multiple pots with over 600 carb in them. In fact one pot had a fleet high 670 crab inside!

All of the crew was excited and Capt. Hillstrand even said, "Holy moly, my hair's standing on my neck!"

After thanking Jesus and his Good-bye Kitty figurine, Hillstrand phoned his brother Andy to share the good news. Unfortunately Andy reciprocated with bad news. It turned out that a massive storm was coming and in order to keep the boat and crew safe, Hillstrand was going to have to sail full steam to St. Mathews Island.

The trip to the island is 16 hours and we'll find out next week if the Time Bandit makes it there before the storm.