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Deadliest Catch' Deck Boss Returns From Rehab as Another Is Sent to Rehab

Wild Bill Wichrowski's long time deck boss, Nick McGlashan, returned from rehab on Deadliest Catch. McGlashan, who Wichrowski has referred to as a son, has struggled with addiction. McGlashan was fired from Wichrowski's boat after the captain discovered drugs hidden in the deck boss's cabin.

Wichrowski decided to give McGlashan a second chance and invited him to fish opie crabs. McGlashan told his boss, "I'm an alcoholic. I'm a drug addict. And I can't live life that way."

Wichrowski was happy to have the fisherman back saying, "I care for the kid a lot, you know? He's like family."

Unfortunately on the Saga boat, Jake Anderson's deck boss Sean Dunlop was also battling addiction. After realizing his close friend was too drunk to perform the tasks expected of a deck boss, Anderson decided to send him to rehab for opie season.

While waiting in the airport, a seemingly inebriated Dunlop boasted "I'm going to come out of this treatment, and I'm going to come back with my own boat. You watch me!" Anderson told the deck boss he loved him hoped for the best.