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'Deadliest Catch' Deckhand Narrowly Avoids Death by Hook

Deadliest Catch isn't called "Safest Catch" for a reason. On the "Bad Moon" episode, Saga deckhand Dead Gribble learned the hard way that things can go from miserable to super miserable while fishing for crab on the Bering Sea.

While Gribble was harvesting a pot his pot hook got stuck on the railing. As the wench continued to pull it created enough tension to bend a prong on the 15 lbs. hook. Once the hook broke free it was sent hurtling passed Gribble's face, whipping around the deck as crew members scattered for shelter.

The Saga's Captain Jake Anderson was blunt about the whole ordeal saying, "He almost died. Dean's face is right next to it. That would have been endgame right there, done, Dean don't come back home."

Fortunately, Gribble avoided any injury. When the captain checked on him the deckhand responded, "My ass puckered but we good."