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‘Deadliest Catch’ Sig Hansen impressed by brother Edgar as fill in captain

On Deadliest Catch, Sig Hansen decided to leave the opilio crab season early after his close friend was lost at sea. In his stead, he appointed his little brother Edgar Hansen as captain.

When Edgar took over the reigns, he admitted, “I don't think everybody looks at me as, you know, "Captain" per se, or the guy in charge, sometimes. So I would like to change that.”

The first string Edgar pulled was the last one laid by Sig. Unfortunately, most of the pots only held a few crab. So Edgar had to plot a new fishing location.

Edgar decided to fish at 63 fathoms, despite being told to fish below 65 fathoms. But Edgar’s gamble paid off and the crew was able to catch the 81,000 lb quota.

Edgar said of his success, “[I] made the right moves with what we had to work with. That's what makes a captain a good captain, being able to make good decisions, calculated decisions that pay off.”

And in a touching moment that brought tears to Edgar’s eyes, Sig called and said, “Proud of you man, you’re a true fisherman at heart.”