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Deaf Singer Gets Golden Buzzer From Simon Cowell on 'America's Got Talent'

Mandy Harvey wowed the America's Got Talent judges with her voice, which was especially impressive considering she is deaf. Mandy has a connective tissue disorder, and started going deaf when she was 18 years old. But she refused to give up on her dream, and Mandy taught herself to sing again with visual tuners and by feeling the music instead of hearing it. Mandy said, "I left music after I lost my hearing and then figured out how to get back into singing with muscle memory, using visual tuners, and trusting my pitch." When Howie Mandel pointed out that her shoes were off, Mandy added, "Yeah, I'm feeling the tempo -- the beat through the floor."

The 29-year-old musician sang a song that she wrote called "Try," which she wrote as an inspirational song for herself. Mandy told Simon, "After I lost my hearing, I gave up. But I want to do more with my life than just give up." So with that, Mandy started singing, and immediately got everyone's attention. And while Mandy is able to sing by feeling the music, by the time she was done with her performance, everyone in the room was feeling her music.

Simon didn't even let the other judges speak before he said, "Mandy, I don't think you're gonna need a translator for this." Simon then hit the Golden Buzzer, sending Mandy through to the live shows.