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Demi Moore Serves Up Quality Care In Explosive 'Empire' Season Finale

In the final minutes of the season finale of Empire, Lucious was receiving guest star quality care from Dr. Demi Moore. But there was a whole lot that led up to him landing in the hospital.

The main thing on Andre's brain was murdering his father and he made actual plans to put Lucious' life to an end in Vegas. Meanwhile, his murderous grandmother was keeping her latest victim, Tariq Cousins on ice while subtly getting Anika to open her mail with the murder weapon.

Fortunately, Hakeem figured out that Baby Bella was in the hands of the Dubois' but sadly he fell under the evil spell of Mama Dubois when she told him that reuniting with his daughter came at a price. What that price is we'll have to see.

And it turns out that Lucious was playing Giuliana this whole time and he really loves Cookie! After he told Giuliana to "kick rocks" he said, "Cookie is the love of my life. Always was, always will be." After dumping Giuliana, Lucious surprised Cookie by launching "When Cookie Met Lucious" instead of "Inferno" which was what Cookie had wanted all along.

Then he sang her a song and it was so super romantic that they decided to just travel the world together and Lucious handed over the company keys to Andre and told him he was proud of him.

This seemed to resolve all of Andre's daddy issues and he decided to cancel the scheduled daddy murder but he just was a little too late when he raced after Lucious and Cookie about to enter the bomb rigged. Andre's cries caused Lucious to push Cookie out of the way but he got launched into the air by the blast and came down hard.

Fast forward three months later and Lucious was in the hospital with a touchy-feely nurse doctor person played by Demi Moore and Cookie clearly saw some ethical boundaries being crossed. But before she and Demi could get into it, Lucious came to, but he couldn't remember that Demi had felt him up or anything else for that matter.