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Dirty Dancing 'Mini Seal and Heidi Klum' Make Things Awkward on 'AGT'

On America's Got Talent, Heidi Klum's ex-husband Seal was the guest judge and although the two are just good friends now, when two little mini-mes stepped on stage things got a little bit awkward. 8-year-old Paige and 9-year-old Artyon and smaller versions of the famous couple. Howie asked, "Heidi, do you feel like you're looking in the mirror?" Heidi said, "Kind of right? It's a little mini Seal and Heidi."

Artyon and Paige love to dance with one another and they wowed the judges by reenacting the famous final dance in Dirty Dancing. Paige said, "Yeah, we're always gonna dance together. We're probably gonna want to get married when we get older." Howie replied, "And if the marriage doesn't work out, you'll still be good friends, and you can work together."

After this Mini-Seal and Mini-Heidi dirty danced their way to the live shows Simon Cowell couldn't help but ask Heidi one thing, "How could you let this man go?"

"It's a long story," said Heidi and then she accidentally hit the buzzer.