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DJ Khaled puts cocky 'The Four' contestant in his place

This week on The Four, one contestant named James Farrow needed to be checked by the judges.

Prior to his performance, Farrow shared, "I'm excited to come to 'The Four' because I think I'm the best rapper on this show. I checked out Sharaya's videos, and I think she's pretty good. But I don't think she's better than me." Following his performance, Farrow called out Sharaya J, confidently stating, "I told her earlier that she looked like a snack. But what she didn't know is I came here to eat." Fergie then asked Sharaya if she wanted to battle Farrow, to which she responded, "I can show him better than I can tell him."

Sharaya, who, between shows, flew back to Atlanta to have chemotherapy treatment for her recently diagnosed Stage 2 breast cancer, showed no weakness and absolutely dominated Farrow's challenge. The judges were blown away and, honestly, Farrow didn't even stand a chance. But while his performance wasn't terrible, it was his cocky attitude that caused DJ Khaled to immediately shut him down.

After judge Meghan Trainor stated that Sharaya won the rap battle, Farrow arrogantly stated, "In the dance off, Sharaya won the dance-off for sure, but I got the bars down. This hip-hop. Hip-hop's about bars. You got some dance moves, girl. But one-on-one, bar-for-bar, I'm killing everybody out here. I'll tell you that right now." The audience booed Farrow, while Khaled interrupted. "Hold up. First of all, ladies first. Sharaya, you are fighting for your life. You a fighter on this stage. If she don't win, I'm out," said Khaled. "Now, James, let me tell you something about life. You gotta be great, but you gotta be grateful. Don't ever disrespect nobody on this stage." And as Farrow attempted to respond, Khaled straight up canceled him, stating, "Hold on. Let me talk. You talking bars. You act like she ain't got bars. She got a lot of bars. Now, I love that you confident, but you got to be humble and grateful."

Meanwhile, Diddy, who wasn't a big fan of Farrow from the beginning, didn't even give him feedback and instead gave praise to Sharaya's performance. "I saw a lot of myself in that moment in you and you impressed me a lot and you're an inspiration."

In the end, the audience must have not been feeling Farrow either, because they voted to keep Sharaya and said peace out to James.