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Dog That Can Count and Read is Pawsitively Rebarkable on 'America's Got Talent'

On America's Got Talent, Edna Moore from Florida came to impress the judges with her fabulous and mathematically savvy pup who goes by the name of Mia Moore. Edna said she named her dog Mia Moore because she is "the love of my life."

When Edna and Mia took the stage she asked them to pick a number. Judge Howie Mandel said four and when Edna asked Mia to bark to four she did just that.

The judges were pretty impressed with this dog magic, but Simon Cowell challenged Mia with the number sixteen. Since Mia can count as high as fifty, this turned out to be no problem and she barked her way to glory.

But not only can Mia count, she can also read flashcards and when Tyra Banks picked number twenty from the flashcard deck and Edna showed it to Mia, she barked twenty times.

The audience was blown away and so were the judges. It was pretty obvious that little Mia was going get four yeses so Simon Cowell let Mia bark four times on their behalf.