Donald Trump facing potential criminal charges, indictment

Yahoo Finance’s Rick Newman joins the Live show to discuss a potential Trump indictment and what the charges could be.

Video Transcript

- An indictment for former President Donald Trump could come today. Yahoo Finance's Rick Newman is tracking the story and joins us now. Hey, Rick.

RICK NEWMAN: Hey, Rachelle. I lost the sound there for a second. But what seems to be happening here, this indictment from the Manhattan District attorney possibly coming this week. I actually don't think it's coming today. Trump said that over the weekend in a social media post. But the grand jury that would issue this indictment is not actually meeting today, according to press reports.

So it could be tomorrow. It could be later this week. It could be next week. It doesn't really matter the timing so much.

The Manhattan DA has been looking into this for five years. And it does appear that this is going to be the first time that any prosecutor ever indicts a former president or a sitting president. So that, of course, would be a big deal.

But this is really just-- it looks like it's just going to be this one charge relating to this hush money payment. That goes all the way back to 2016. We know all about that from a lot of reporting about that. The only loose end with regard to that hush money payment is was anybody ever going to charge it as a crime? And that appears to be what the Manhattan district attorney is about to do.

- We'll certainly be keeping an eye on that. As you mentioned, it may not even come today. But we'll keep an eye on that.