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Donald Trump and Paul Ryan Put on Blast by John Oliver Over Comey Firing

On Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, Oliver discussed the termination of former FBI Director James Comey. Oliver started questioning the integrity of the White House do to the conflicting reasons they initially gave for the firing.

During an interview with Lester Holt, President Donald Trump said that despite the White House's earlier claims the firing of Comey was all his idea. Of this Oliver said, "Trump is so desperate to appear dominant he will rush to take the credit for anything, no matter how bad it is."

Oliver then called out Paul Ryan for refusing to answer questions about the firing. Oliver feels like it is Ryan's responsibility as both the Speaker of the House and as one of the GOP leaders to confront Trump. Oliver said, "It's incredible to watch a man who spends 90 minutes every morning working out refuse to show any strength whatsoever -- apparently no part of P90X targets the backbone."

Finally, Oliver pointed out how democracy works on a system of checks and balances and that nobody is checking or balancing Trump. Oliver made the analogy, "When you've got the presidential equivalent of a five-year-old sh*tting on the salad bar of a Ruby Tuesdays, at some point you stop blaming the five-year-old, and you start blaming the people who aren't stopping him."