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DraftKings sponsoring Amazon's Thursday Night Football streams

Yahoo Finance Live looks at DraftKings amid announcements setting the sports betting platform up to sponsor Amazon's NFL Thursday Night Football streams.

Video Transcript

DAVE BRIGGS: My play is DraftKings-- today announcing they've been selected by Amazon as a sponsor in the exclusive pregame and in-game odds provider for "Thursday Night Football" streaming on Prime Video. Odds and other sports betting insights will be fully integrated into Amazon's Thursday night pregame show.

DraftKings and Amazon will also collaborate on "Thursday Night Football" offerings, same game parlays. Now, big picture-- the American Gaming Association says 46.6 million Americans are expected to bet on the NFL this season. One method that gauges early season betting is geolocation check-ins.

Vancouver-based company Geocomply reports more than 100 million geolocation check-ins from Thursday to Sunday night. That is massive and up 70% from a year prior. Shares of DraftKings, though, down, just like the rest of the market, about 5% on this brutal day. And it's been a rough year, down 70% over the last 12 months.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: I think DraftKings is a really interesting one, especially when you sort of include that sort of social aspect, because I know we've been talking about this before-- perhaps people might bet on their favorite team, like, doing well against their rival-- more like sort of social betting for people who, perhaps, aren't big into traditional sports betting and things like that.

So this does open up those avenues. And obviously, now you have Amazon with "Thursday Night Football," adding all these now extras in with DraftKings. I think this makes it a good opportunity, at least something to try out for people who, perhaps, aren't your usual betting audience, Seana.

SEANA SMITH: Yeah, Dave, and I think it's going to be interesting too, because right now, we know that DraftKings has about a quarter of the sports betting market. So it's looking to attract new users there. It's a smart play here when you talk about it linking up with Amazon-- the huge push that we're going to see over the next several weeks during the NFL season will be interesting to take a look at that market share number after this season and see if they're able to gain any of that, because they're way behind FanDuel there with just over 50%.

DAVE BRIGGS: Yeah, I think that's the one component we've been waiting for is gambling to get integrated into the full telecast, which wouldn't shock me. We'll talk to Dick Ebersol later in the program, see if he has some thoughts on that.