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Ed Sheeran Improvises New Lyrics to Hit Song on Carpool Karaoke

Ed Sheeran joined his fellow Englishman, James Corden, for a new Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show Tuesday night. Corden is filming the show in his hometown of London this week, although, the guys shot the trip in Los Angeles. So when they were singing "Castle On the Hill," Corden had to switch up the lyrics.

The guys started off with Sheeran's huge hit, "Shape of You," off his ÷ album. The singer-songwriter started caressing Corden's leg and chest, as the Late Late Show host laughed and yelled, "I told you it's a sexy song!" They also sang "Sing," and Sheeran wanted to know if Corden could sing every word, saying, "I wanna see if you've actually rehearsed this bit." Corden, of course, nailed the rap part of the song without missing a word.

Although, when the two started singing "Castle On the Hill," the guys had to make a remix. They laughed that, while the song is a great driving song, they weren't doing much driving since they were stuck in L.A. traffic. So Corden started singing, "I'm on my way, stuck in some traffic on these bad freeways." But the songwriter couldn't let the TV host get away with rhyming "way" with "ways," adding, "There's a lot of work that has to be done there."

So Sheeran took a shot at it, singing, "I'm on my way, stuck in some traffic in downtown L.A." Corden loved the remix, and the two continued on with a few more lines based on their California cruise. Their improvised song ended with Corden following Sheeran's lead, singing, "We watched the sunset over the Hollywood sign."