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Electric vehicles: Polestar SUV set to debut in October, Apple upgrades CarPlay

Yahoo Finance auto reporter Pras Subramanian explains what we know so far about Polestar's all-electric SUV that is expected to debut in October 2022 as well as Apple's upgrades to its CarPlay interface.

Video Transcript

BRIAN SOZZI: Tesla rival Polestar revealed its first SUV today, dubbed the Polestar 3. It's slated to debut in October later this year. Joining us now for more on this is Yahoo Finance senior auto correspondent Pras Subramanian. Pras. And here's Polestar, plowing ahead with another vehicle, I would say doing things better, at least operationally, than a company like Rivian.

PRAS SUBRAMANIAN: Yeah. I think this is the benefit of having Volvo as a parent and Geely as a parent for you, to actually help in manufacturing. And like you said, Soz, you know, they have three vehicles out right now-- the P1 coupe, really cool, the P2 crossover, and now the P3 SUV. EV SUV coming out in October.

I think it looks pretty sleek. It's going to enter a very competitive space with the Model Y, the Audi e-tron, among other cars. So it's definitely going to be in that tough space, but it's a pretty compelling product from the design. Swedish design, Chinese engineering, but also is going to be made in America at their plant in South Carolina.

So that should be interesting there. But also 370 miles of range, all-wheel drive. So pretty competitive feature set, I think, in the space right now.

JULIE HYMAN: How much?

PRAS SUBRAMANIAN: They didn't reveal pricing yet, but I imagine it'll be in the 60 to 70s, 80s, that range, that luxury, mid-tier SUV lane.

BRAD SMITH: Staying in the car kind of experience, the in-car experience at least-- Apple also launching a new kind of updated set of features for Apple car, Apple play within the car. So what's happening there?

PRAS SUBRAMANIAN: Yeah, I think I was a little surprised to see this huge CarPlay move for the Apple, right. Basically not just the infotainment area but the entire screen under the dash hood, underneath the actual instrument panel in the console. It's not just going to be your radio. It's going to be your climate control, your drive modes, your speedometer. It's all going to be Apple-centric. You know, they got some launch partners like Land Rover and Nissan, things like that.

But, you know, if I'm a manufacturer, do I want to cede all that real estate to Apple, and that data too?

BRIAN SOZZI: Yes. Yes. Because, as a car guy, I'm very excited. My Infinity, the infotainment system is terrible. Give me more Apple. I want my whole life integrated on that dash. It's time. Each manufacturer has their own interface, and they all largely stink.

PRAS SUBRAMANIAN: And I'll quickly say, I think the reason why they're doing that is because people like you, Soz, are upset about how crappy--

BRIAN SOZZI: Very upset.

PRAS SUBRAMANIAN: --some of these infotainment systems are.

BRIAN SOZZI: I hate my Infinity's.

PRAS SUBRAMANIAN: So I think that's why Apple is able to be--


PRAS SUBRAMANIAN: --win ground here.

JULIE HYMAN: I'm on Soz's page.

BRIAN SOZZI: About time. Welcome back.

BRAD SMITH: All right. Sozzi getting in his car and yelling every time--


BRAD SMITH: --at your in-car system.

JULIE HYMAN: I can picture it.

BRAD SMITH: Pras Subramanian joining us here with the latest in the automotive landscape. Thanks so much, Pras.