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Elizabeth Warren on 'Full Frontal': President Trump 'Lied to Their Faces'

On Full Frontal, Senator Elizabeth Warren joined Samantha Bee for an interview because Bee was feeling down in the dumps about a Donald Trump presidency. Bee asked, "Ok, you've spent your whole life fighting for the working class and the guy who wants to dismantle economic protections for those people actually won. Do you ever feel like, you know what, f*** those people?"

The answer was a defiant "No" from Warren who has had her share of hurdles this year including being barred from speaking on the Senate floor by Senator Mitch McConnell. McConnell coined the now famous phrase "Nevertheless she persisted," in reference to her continuing to read from a 30-year-old letter by civil rights leader Coretta Scott King.

Warren went on to say, "This is who I am. This is my family. This is how I grew up, and yeah, Donald Trump lied to them, lied to their faces but the answer is, then point it out, hold them accountable and offer them something better."