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Elon Musk gives Labor Secretary Walsh a tour of a Tesla gigafactory

Yahoo Finance's Brian Sozzi and Jared Blikre discuss Tesla CEO Elon Musk hosting Labor Secretary Marty Walsh.

Video Transcript

- Welcome back. Yahoo Finance's Julie Hyman was over at the South by Southwest festival talking to the Pfizer CEO. But separately outside the city of Austin, Elon Musk hosted Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, friend of the program here, yesterday at Tesla's Gigafactory Texas-- in Texas, excuse me, Sozzi. And interesting photo developed between the two of them. I think we have that in. Also, I'm just going to send it over to you right now because I want to get your reaction to this.

- Yeah. It was Axios posting this photo of Marty Walsh, the Labor Secretary, along with Elon Musk inside their new Gigafactory in Austin. But let's keep in mind Marty Walsh came on recently on Jobs Day, talked about jobs. And he also really wanted to hear from Elon Musk. Here's what he told us.

MARTY WALSH: I would love to have a conversation with Mr. Musk and talk about anything that he'd like to talk about. Certainly, a big company in the United States of America, you know, very innovative company United States of America. And I'm willing to have conversations with anyone.

- And of course, Jared, very glad that we were able to help make that introduction ultimately via that interview. And this comes really as Musk has been wanting, I think, more love from inside the administration. The administration hasn't recently given him that love. But perhaps that first olive branch which was ultimately offered on our programming now is turned into maybe some roots developing between the administration and Mr. Musk. Now, I emailed Elon this morning. He did not get back to me on what that meeting was like. But maybe he'll get back to me later.

- Yeah. And you have to think from Elon Musk's perspective, given the number of press conferences and speeches that President Biden has given and State of the Union addresses where he's mentioned some of their competitors, some of Tesla's competitors by name, Ford, GM, and then to notably be absent from that entire conversation yet being the largest automaker by market capitalization in the world, there's kind of a disconnect there. So I think, Brian, that at the end of the day, you're going to find, I guess, not-- I don't know-- maybe some kind of kumbaya moment. I'm not looking for that. But I think you're going to see Elon Musk and Biden at least open up a dialogue here.