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Elon Musk tweets Business Insider reporter

Musk went after Business Insider's Linette Lopez asking her if she's ever provided him short seller Jim Chanos with material non-public information about Tesla? and also asking her in an earlier tweet if she "compensated or promise to compensate Martin Tripp - the Tesla whistleblower' for inside information about Tesla?"

Following Musk's tweets, Business Insider US editor in chief Alyson Shontell said in a tweet of her own, that Business Insider does not compensate sources, did not do so here, that is stands by Lopez's reporting and invite Elon Musk or anyone from Tesla to further discuss what has been reported.

Musk also went after Reuters for what he called relentlessly negative coverage of the company, and CNBC for putting analysts who have low ratings on the company on the air, and asked whether viewers are warned about an "analyst’s prediction track record about a subject."