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Elsa’s heartwarming dog adoption story will give you all the furry feels

Elsa found her happily ever after, thanks to Annenberg PetSpace adoption center. The sweet pup came to Annenberg from a local animal shelter in Los Angeles. The cute animal was in need of medical assistance, and the adoption center took her in, providing Elsa the knee surgery, and other help she needed. After months of recovery, Elsa was ready to find her forever family.

Annenberg PetSpace prides itself on creating a personal and interactive experience where people and pets can connect. “Research supports that there are many benefits to the human-animal bond. When someone adopts a pet, they experience true companionship,” an Annenberg adoption specialist told Yahoo. Their hands-on approach helps parents meet and fall in love with the right pet.

The Dorn family saw Elsa and they instantly connected. “She was meant to be part of their family,” said an adoption specialist. While Elsa still has some medical needs, she’s living her best life. She spends her time cuddling and lounging with her new parents.

For those of you without a shelter animal in your life, what are you waiting for? It might be time to add a furry friend to your family.