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Emilia Clarke's embarrassing royal moment with Prince William

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Emilia Clarke opened up about the time she went to Kensington Palace to meet Prince William and the embarrassing thing that happened.

In an interview with Meyers Tuesday night, when the host asked Clarke about the first time she met Prince William, Clarke responded, "It was good," and then immediately cringed as she thought deeper about how she actually felt about it. "So, it's kind of a frightening thing, going to the palace. There's a whole thing," shared Clarke. The actress continued her story by explaining the many instructions she was given like "You can't turn your back" "You need to address him as 'Your Royal Highness'" and "Then after that, you can say 'Prince William'." Clarke also explained that there are a lot of formalities that one needs to adhere to when meeting Prince William and when it was time for the big moment, she froze. Clarke stated, "For whatever reason, probably because I was so scared, I couldn't manage to get out 'Your Royal Highness'." Clarke then hilariously imitated the mumbling that she remembers coming out of her mouth as she attempted to speak.